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January 2015 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Leslie Saeta

Leslie Saeta is an award winning artist who paints fresh and colorful paintings using only a palette knife. She paints in her studio full time and has over 30 years of marketing experience. She is devoted to helping other artists sell their art, especially on-line.  She hosts a weekly radio show on Blog Talk Radio for artists titled “Artists Helping Artists” which is a great resource tool for all artists. Leslie has always been interested in art but officially entered the world of fine art as a novice painter in her mid forties. Her art may appear to include energetic brushwork, but she paints exclusively with a palette knife and a heavy build-up of paint. Working with a limited palette, Leslie strives to create beautiful colors and capture the light perfectly in every painting. In addition to being a full time artist, she is a wife and mother of three teenage boys.


All of her art is either sold framed or it is shipped with a free display easel, as pictured here.

All of her art is shipped gift wrapped.